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Remaining Fearless in the Face of Adversity

Cancer. The C-word. It may as well be four-letters long; we cringe whenever we hear it. But there’s nothing worse than hearing it from your doctor: you know then that your life will change forever. So what do you do with this shattering news? How can you be fearless in the face of such an awful adversary?

Courage is your Wing-Woman

Despite popular belief, courage isn’t the absence of fear; it’s the willingness to continue on in spite of that fear. With a breast cancer diagnosis, courage is a welcomed ally, a new BFF. So take it’s proverbial hand and, as you face your disease, remember the following:

You are in charge of your treatment: Cancer is on the verge of a breakthrough and treatment options are plentiful. Don’t let the opportunity to be in charge of your choices pass you by: take the reins and steer your healing in the direction of your desires.

Avoid the Internet: The World Wide Web may as well be called the World Wide Worst Case Scenario: it was made for horror stories, particularly those that are health related. Googling these stories runs the risk of unnecessary worry. Whatever happened to some random person’s aunt or their second cousin twice removed means nothing to you or your outcome. Trust me, log  off! Wait until you talk to your doctor and get facts regarding your specific circumstance.

Maintain your health: Telling someone with breast cancer to maintain their health sounds ironic, but staying as fit as you possibly can is conducive to your battle. This not only means eating right, keeping hydrated, and exercising, but paying close attention to your mental health too. Cancer is an emotional as well as physical ailment; thus, don’t be afraid to lean on friends, family, and support groups.

It’s ok to be afraid. Being fearless does not mean you aren’t afraid. It means you accept the fear and move forward anyway.  A fearless mindset is developed when you walk THROUGH the fear- it’s not an absence of it.

Remember the odds: The odds are stacked against cancer, not against you – remember that! Cancer strikes one in eight women. And the vast majority completely kicks it’s azz.

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