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What Mastectomy?

Whether married or single, intimacy issues arise for many women diagnosed with breast cancer. Thousands struggle with self esteem and depression due to heightened concerns about body image after losing one or both breasts. Can you imagine what that's like as a woman? It's devastating. You absolutely don't want to take your clothes off. You feel ugly. You feel mutilated. To my breast cancer sisters: I remember feeling embarrassed and ashamed after my mastectomy. Nobody can feel beautiful with an ugly scar across their chest right? Who wants a woman with one or no boobs right? Wrong. To hell with that. If a man rejects you just because you bear a scar from a battle in which you were fighting for your life, honey, that is a man you don't need. One fake boob and one real boob? It's fine! That just means your man has the best of both worlds. Lol It took a while for me to accept my new body, scar and all. But I eventually did, and it wasn't easy. I still have my moments in the dressing room, trying on the most perfect dress in the world, only to feel saddened by the way it looks because of my surgery. I will probably never wear a deep V dress again. (dammit). But there is so much more to life than stressing about my appearance, so much more to life than stressing about your appearance. We're alive! And we are thriving. Your time is much better spent loving your family and being the beautiful, sexy woman you still are. It's time to live again. What mastectomy? 

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